Django Delights Capstone Project - Ye Magic Potion Shoppe

Here is my interpretation of the Django Delights - Learn Django Final Capstone Project. It was suggested to design it as an interface for a restaurant but I thought magic ingredients for magic potions would be more fun so that’s what I did. I was in danger of getting quite side tracked with different potions, recipes and jokes hidden therein. Some of the code is borrowed from the Codecademy solution but have implemented extra models and methods and more interactivity for the user via forms. You can make your own magic potions up and create edit delete ingredients and potions as required.

Anyway… here are links

and the Github link…

I realise there is room for improvement in some of the modelling but had to draw a line on the project somewhere… I was losing my daily streak ha ha. Hope you like :slight_smile:
Gaffyn Voorzta


I have to tell you that feels very entertaining! :slight_smile:

I know zero Python so I can’t help you with the technicalities, but I definitely had a good look and enjoyed it, especially the humor in the ratings, etc. Only question: is there a way to sign up? Because I can’t login. No worries if it’s still in the pipeline, ah! Just in case it’s there, I felt like asking.

Ah, one more thing. I’ve discovered that if you’re working hard on a project like this, a good way to keep your streak going without having to abandon the project and progress in the course is to participate in the community. Reply and/or like to someone’s work and comments and the streak will take it. Just try it and you’ll see!

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Hiya thanks lots for positive feedback :slightly_smiling_face:
I hid a clue in the ‘login’ screen as to what the Username and Password is… As it stands, login gives you access to fiddle with all the potions and ingredients so I should probably restrict some of those views but hey it’s not a real shop. I can only have one free site so will probably keep it there as a sandbox thingy.
Thanks again… Gaffyn

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Fun! I added a Fuzzy Fizzy Fare to the inventory and looked through all the sections and areas of the store. Nice job. :test_tube: :fairy: :white_check_mark:


Thanks Kelly lots, I intend to go back in and make it all prettier but started doing the ‘Intermediate Python’ module instead…

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