Django Delight; Purchases with many items

Oh, I’m already done, that was not so easy, but really interesting. I have a look to other projects and find out, that I can’t see models with ‘real-life’ purchases with many menu items, also there can be many of that concrete item. So now I know - it looks like I love challenges :slight_smile: . The most complicated things were: to calculate profit and revenue, to made a validation of new purchase - is there enought ingredients for it (and don’t change quantity of any if there not enought of any). So my solution - to use JSON file, like field in SQL table. Does it makes my DB hybrid?
Also I haven’t done some things to say “this project is clear” - make a recipe view for menu items, errors views, right redirect for non authorized user, calculation profit in some period of time, pagination for list views, etc. But after all I think it’s not so important for now. I had a really great weekend with this project. Waiting for yours reviews and ideas!

Project at GitHub.

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