Django & Anaconda relationship

How can I understand the relationship between Flask/Django and Anaconda/Miniconda? As I know first is a web-framework and other is python distributive. In what way I can compare it or suggest some relationship and how the python libraries such NumPy, Matplotlib etc are related between itself ?

I’m afraid I’m not certain exactly what your question is but the following may be of use to you. If you want a description of any particular package you’d need to hunt down their docs/faqs.

Flask, Django, NumPy and Matplotlib are all third party packages designed for use in Python. They’re all known quite well known and heavily used with their own dedicated documentation.

I’m not sure of the best way to describe anaconda, the docs are always a good place to start: It comes as a bundle of software with it’s own python distribution and package installer amongst other things. Miniconda is a stripped down version of the same thing-