Division in SQL with SUM()


I am following this task


Number 4.

Then, we want to add these users’ score s together and divide by the total to get the percentage.

Add their scores together and divide it by the total sum. Like so:

SELECT (1.0 + 2.0 + 3.0) / 6.0;

So, is Hacker News dominated by these users?

HERE IS THE HINT: SELECT (517 + 309 + 304 + 282) / 6366.0;

I do not want to manually type the numbers for the division so I used these syntax to get Sum
of Score from the group by

WITH each_s AS ( SELECT user, SUM(score) as each_score

FROM hacker_news


HAVING each_score > 200), TOTAL AS( SELECT SUM(score) FROM hacker_news)

SELECT SUM(each_score) FROM each_s;

The final syntax gives: 1412 is correct

Now I need to take 1412 to divide for Total score (6366) BUT I do not want to manually type 6366 in

Syntax to get the total is SELECT SUM(score) FROM hacker_news;

Is there anyway to do this math automatically and got 22% as result INSTEAD OF typing 517 + 309 + 304 + 282 and 6366?

my code: https://gist.github.com/4afce3b27f48aad5fd3a92ea02e8dc96

Hi @davidvietnam, welcome to the forums!

One way to accomplish what you’re trying to do would be to use subqueries. Subqueries are just regular queries that are nested inside a specific clause of your main query.

Here, we would want to avoid using this phrase:

TOTAL AS( SELECT SUM(score) FROM hacker_news)

…as this creates a Common Table Expression (or CTE), which is a type of temporary table. Because we only want the value and not a table with the value, we should not use the WITH...AS syntax to retrieve the total. Instead, what we can do is use a subquery inside of the in the SELECT clause:

WITH each_s AS (
  SELECT user, SUM(score) as each_score
  FROM hacker_news
  GROUP BY user
  HAVING each_score > 200
SELECT SUM(each_score) / (SELECT SUM(score) * 1.0 FROM hacker_news) FROM each_s;

If you are interested in learning more about subqueries, Codecademy has a short course on them here:

This course probably needs to be re-worked to be more learner-friendly, but it should get you started.

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I had a similar idea to calculate the percent properly, rather than hard-coding the calculation.

Here’s my first attempt, which failed:

WITH top_users as (
  SELECT user, score as "top_scores"
  FROM hacker_news
  GROUP BY user
  HAVING score > 200
  -- SUM(top_scores) as "Top Scores", 
  -- SUM(hacker_news.score) as "Sum All Scores",
  -- SUM(top_scores) * 1.0 / SUM(hacker_news.score) as "Top Scores percent"
FROM hacker_news, top_users;

I’m still not sure why this doesn’t work.
The calculated figure gives the right answer - just exactly 1000 times too big. The first column is exactly 4000 larger than expected. The second is 4 times the expected value. I figured the 4000 number is because there are 4000 rows in the whole table but why it’s counting all of them, I don’t know. Because it looks like it should only pull the four scores greater than 200, just like how it worked in the earlier questions. I could fix it with divide by 1000 but that’s also cheating :frowning:

Having checked this forum topic, here’s my working solution:

      --  SUM(top_scores) as "Top Scores", 
      --  (SELECT SUM(score) as "Sum All Scores" FROM hacker_news),
       ROUND(SUM(top_scores) * 100.0 / (SELECT SUM(score) as "Sum All Scores" FROM hacker_news),0) as "percent"
FROM top_users;

The ROUND and * 100 are just there to make it look nice. Without them, the main division calculation yields 0.22… which is correct.