Div with css troubles

Hi i am a rookie into developing and I am currently using brackets. One thing I am having a problem with is styling with div in my projects(using external style sheet and yes it is connected). I add a id or class to my div and type it in my css to make a border but nothing appears. Examples(new.class or #now) but I have tried but only the inline style works when styling a div for me or using descendant selector. I would appreciate the help or some advice to become a better web developer.


  1. css stylesheet is properly linked. Triple check it. [I say so because the inline style works and this doesn’t]

  2. Ensure that semi-colons of previous styles on your css file is rightly put. If you had missed a syntax like semi-colon ( ; ), any style added below it will not appear.

Let me know if this helps!

Here is an image without the id.

Here is the images with an id.

So I would appreciate if you can help me what I’m doing wrong here and Thank you for replying really fast.


Please, close your html tag (the last one) like this </html>. You will notice that yours isn’t closed.

Thank you, I was trying to solve that problem for hours, i guess it shows that one little thing can mess up the whole code