Div tags

Hello, I think I understand <.div> tags incorrectly. What we were taught is to not use <.div> tags but rather use semantic tags like “<.p.>” “<.h1.>” “<.article.>” etc. because the google crawler ignores <.div> tags. This made sense to me because of http://wpcsouthafrica.co.za/ not being able to be found when just searching for it in google because of all the <.div> tags but then I saw Wikipedia also uses <.div> tags in almost everything and that is always the first search result.

Any explanation would be appreciated!

div is short for divider, it was used a lot before the release of html5. html5 introduced more descriptive elements like nav, article and section, which was proficient for search engines like google.

here is a list of all the elements:


the ones introduced in html5 say new.