Div positioning changes on different screen resolutions

So here is the project I’m working with.
I’ve been trying to solve this particular problem, but can’t figure out how.

While coding on a higher resolution screen the box palettes were in 2 columns, but after checking the project on a screen with a lower resolution, it changed to 1 column only.
What can be the problem?
Sorry in advance for such a stupid question, but have no idea what to do. Thanks.

Sounds to me like you’re describing a common aspect of responsive design - where your site layout adapts to the available screen real estate to optimise the viewing for the visitor.

Given that the project doesn’t seem to give you any boilerplate code to start with (from what I can see), it strikes me as odd that you’d get that behaviour accidentally?

Can you post the HTML and CSS you’re working with? (The learning environment is user-specific, so we can’t see your work by clicking the link.)

Please remember to format the code using the formatting option on the forum.


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Here you go