DIV Crazy!


Hi folks,

Just brushing up my HTML skills to make sure I remember everything from, like, 5 years ago (o_O!). One thing that struck me as odd is the amount of DIVs... Is this how pages are being developed these days? I used to hard code my pages and I certainly did not put every element in a DIV. Just wondering if this is new best practices for readability, or if Codecademy has gone overboard, and I can skip some of these DIVs.



It's not Codecademy, but the way of dynamic block rendering. DIV is the perfect candidate for this purpose since it carries no baggage with it. How many times have you come across a Reset for DIV? Don't answer, we already know. None. There are no CSS resets needed when an element has no properties beyond width: 100%.


What is neat is that nothing fundamental has ever changed. Everything you knew before is still (for the most part) in place, deprecation and obselecence notwithstanding. The architecture has been exploited to the fullest, and the programs that help to do that are getting helped along with even wilder plug-in support programs.

To incorporate them into our documents takes additional structure and attributes. Thus the copious number of nested DIV's.


Thanks! Once I got to the Bootstrap portion of the course, it made sense. I tend to like to code by hand so I know, if something breaks, I can fix it, but Bootstrap looks like a great invention! Now I just need to figure out how to get it working outside of Codecademy...