Distress signal! Desperate help required with Colmar Academy project

Hi guys,

I hope you can help. I am currently working on the Colmar Academy project and feel I am at my wits end. After working through the course - I felt I was ready for this kind of project but after several hours of struggling I believe I may not be. I literally deleted my code and I almost gave up on the project entirely but it has been eating away at me as I am desperate to make it work. I am going to try again by asking you guys first who may be able to provide some guidance…

The issue I was having was with trying to get text to display correctly to the right of an image. If you look at the spec codecademy have provided, youll see an h3 (“learn something new everyday”) with some generic text underneath it.

I lack the understanding as to how to get text to appear on the right side of the image without it merging with the image/appearing way off to the far top right/or just disapearing entirely out of view. I link to an external style sheet for my CSS code if that helps also.

Apologies if I come across down beat. I just feel I should be able to do simple stuff like this off my own back but alas that is not the case. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Tokyo,

Welcome to the Codecademy Community.

May I ask what methods you have tried?

Hi, thank you.

Originally I was trying float: right but now I’m trying to get to grips with flexbox stuff. Flex-direction: row seems to be the closest I have come to it displaying almost correctly.

Looking forward to your reply.

Apologies for the late response.

Have a look into using CSS Grid instead of Flexbox as it will definitely help you out.

If you need anothe resource for the flex stuff, I’d highly recommend Wesbos - https://cssgrid.io/ as it’s explained really well with quite a few practical activities which you can run on your local machine.

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Ok brilliant thanks Dom. Really appreciate it. I’ll have a look at Wesbos too!!

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