Dissapearing pages


Hey guys,

I was just playing around somewhat with the checklists and noticed something weird: If I press 'enter' on my keyboard, the whole page becomes blank! I would like to know how/why this happens and maybe how to make it work.

It would be really nice if anyone could explain this to me :blush: thanks already


Hi Repsaj2000,

That's because of the sandbox your webpage is being run inside of. Submitting a form inside of the sandbox just takes you to a blank Codecademy page, in order to prevent you from doing malicious stuff.
I think it would be great if Codecademy were to prevent form submissions in the sandbox, but I guess they could run into problems later on if they were to do that :/.


Ah so that's why, thanks a lot!
Btw. if I submit a form outside of the sandbox, like how a browser normally opens a html/jquery file, will I have to add certain code for the enter key to submit something, or do I not have to change anything to make it work?


Nope, you don't have to do anything extra. Submitting a form on Enter is default browser behavior :)