Displaying None

@stetim94 , It was really a task from the assignment, but it is ok now. I have another queston. How can I replace the the defined string value “None” to another value? Yes, the question looks silly probably, but all the samples I tried to use did not work. I even tried to replace it using built-in function str_replace(), still not working.
For example:

some !DOCTYPE html code

$text = "None" ;
$test = FALSE;
if (isset($_POST['user']) {
    $ticking = microtime(true);
    $input = $_POST['user'];
    $create_phrase = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ";    # It is iterated and concatenated 
    $show_pos_phrase = 10;    
    if (show_pos _phrase> 0) {
         show_pos _phrase-= 1; 
   print  "Time: " $ticking;

# Here I tried this line code  to replace None,  but it did not work. 
echo $text;   #prints None
if (!$text  == $input ){  
$test = TRUE;
$input = $text;
echo  $input;

<p>  I would  like  to replace defined  value   None  for users  input<?=htmlspecialchars($tinput);?></p>

<input   type="text" name="user" size="40" />
  <input   type="submit" value=""User_Input "/>

I would be glad to know what I’m doing wrong?

You $text set to "None" here: