Displaying image over text on a link

Hi There, i am having an issue where i would like for my button that leads into the website im building to display an image within the confines of the text border when i hover over it. im struggling where to start/finish.


without using JS? you could user :hover to set a background-image on the element

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Hi there, thanks for the help. it almost worked. How ever using a background image it sets the image to the box confines and not within the letters themselves. Iā€™m not opposed to using JS, just not experienced at it (nor this apparently). Cheers!

hopefully this will help it make sense. the image should be in the letters not the other way around.

So far i know, that is impossible. The only way i could think of to achieve that would be to have an image with the letters containing the image, if you know what i mean.

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i know what you mean, ill just photoshop a png. Thanks for your help!

you could make the letters with div elements (which is very tricky) and then set background-image, but then photoshop is easier.

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