Display Results Like Codecademy Exercises

I was wondering if there is an IDE that shows results from panda’s dataframes like the nice formatted tables shown in exercises done on codecademy.
I’ve just started and have been using Spyder but the results are all in the terminal and have no real options for formatting like a nice table.
Does anyone know of any environments that display results in this way?


The easiest way to get Pandas DataFrames to look like that is by using Jupyter notebooks. You can run a Jupyter notebook by itself in the browser, or you can run it inside of VS Code or Spyder. I’ve never really used Spyder so I don’t know if the notebook interface is good inside the IDE or not, but I know you can do it.

One last thing to note as well is that in Jupyter notebooks you can output data in two ways: by calling print() like you normally would, or just by writing the variable on the last line of the cell by itself. To get the nice format that you want, you will want to use the second way. If you print the DataFrame out, the notebook will display it just like the console.

So, instead of print(df) at the end of the cell, you will want to just write df.

Happy coding!