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Dear all friends:
I have learned with Codecademy for a while, I found it’s benefit for my daily work life, but there is a little annoying thing that quite bother me since one normal day may be 2 months ago, that is a dark blue or dark black barrier occasionally appears in the section of the course instruction part. I 've endured this for a long time, finished my python3 and some related visualizing course, and today, when I begin a new course and see it still this problem here, I feel I truly need to seek some advise. if you guys who know how to solve this, I will be more than grateful. Thank you in advance.
Yours sincerely,

What’s the link to the lesson?

What web browser are you using? Are there any extensions installed?

What happens if you use a different browser, does the problem persist?

Dear, Thank you for your reply. It’s just hard to read instructions that made it difficult to finish any course. I’m using Safari every time, do you think I need to change it?

Try using Chrome instead.

Changed and It now works. Thank you a lot! hope you have a good day dear

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Sometimes if ‘dark mode’ is enabled on Safari (or other extensions) the learning environment won’t display properly. Chrome is the preferred browser.


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