Display fault when using Ruby


please help!!!
I am experiencing problems when learning ruby programming on codecademy. the centre section of the screen where I am writing the code only displays the first letter of each line of the code. the code does go in and I can run the program but I just can’t see it. sometimes it works and then randomly stops working. if I go onto python it works every time. I have tried a different internet connection and there was no difference. I am struggling to progress any further due to this issue and would be very grateful for any advice that may resolve this issue.


We will require a link to the exercise. Please post it here. Thanks.


I’m really sorry to bother you but I just checked and its now back to normal, last time it took 4 days to come back on otherwise I would have been more patient.


this a link to my current exercise anyway as I experience this fault regularly just in case I have to get back in touch.



If this happens again, please let us know. Useful information to include is OS, browser(s). Always include a link when posting a question so we can test the actul lesson.


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