Discuss Button Vanished


This might have been asked before, but I couldn’t find anything.

Is there a reason that the button to the forums is no longer on the Codecademy website?
Or am I just not seeing it…


This has been bugging me, too! :laughing:
Scrolling down, the link to the Forum is still in the footer, though.


Hi @louwding and @coderighton—gosh, I’m sorry for the trouble. Our team is working to streamline the site, and as such, there’s now only one call-to-action in the header. Thanks for noting the access point in the footer! The team is working on more access-points for Community throughout Codecademy—like in the dashboard when you sign into Codecademy, and via the Get Help modal. If you have any other ideas for where there should be an access point, I’m here for them. :slight_smile:


What exactly was wrong with having forum access out in the open as a tab from the dashboard? I thought that is what a dashboard is for.

And - this is a problem with many sites - why do developers seem to hate to provide a link back from “forum of x” to “x”?


Good point, getting back from here to the codecademy page could be easier :slight_smile:


Noted. Full-disclosure, I don’t know enough about how or why this is yet (aside from the fact that discuss.codecademy.com is a completely different platform from codecademy.com) but I’ll investigate how we make a link back easier.

Truthfully, it could be as simple as me or a Mod ( :wink: @zystvan I see you here) adding a link in the header to take us back to codecademy.com. I’ll investigate.