Discrpencies between Tableau project and walk through?

Hi all,

I had. quick question for those doing the Tableau course. Did you at all find that your steps looked a bit different from the instructor?

For the third visualization (looking at specific incidents), I found that if I wanted to add ‘phase of flight’ or
‘amount of damage’ to the tool tip, I had to also add it to the ‘details’ or else I got something like “the collision occurred during the * phase of flight.”

Instead of “the collision occurred during the ‘climb’ phase of flight.”

Was this anyone else’s experience? TIA.

Which Tableau course? The data viz one (free) or the BI Dashboards one?

They (salesforce) update Tableau so often (I think every ~4-6 weeks) that the CC course content is definitely out of date.

Also, for the most recent updates, you can find them on the Public Tableau page, under “Learning” there’s a whole bunch of How-to videos. They also have a YT channel as well if you ever get stuck.