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hey I was wondering is there a way to make a program that would type out a different sentence from a list every minute of discord? if there is how would I go about doing it on python?

If it can be conceived, it can be realized. That’s the general mantra in programming. Anything is possible, if… (I’ll stop here).

First we need a method to scramble the list each time we generate a new sentence. A few weeks ago I wrote a snippet in another topic along those lines…

Can items of a list be accessed in any order? - #2 by mtf

Python has a sleep function that let’s us build in a delay of some duration in seconds.

>>> from time import sleep
>>> my_dict = { 'key' + str(x+1): 0 for x in range(10) }
>>> for key in my_dict:
	print (key, my_dict[key])

key7 0
key6 0
key3 0
key5 0
key10 0
key9 0
key2 0
key4 0
key8 0
key1 0

The above printed a new key:value pair at five second intervals.

Now we just need a list of words and loop that iterates once a minute and runs the shuffle method each time to generate a new sentence.

Note that the method illustrated will not permit duplicates in the list. The following shuffle method permits duplicates…

from random import randrange
def shuffle(a_list):
    z = list(range(len(a_list)))
    y = []
    while z:
        y += [z.pop(randrange(len(z)))]
    return [a_list[x][::-1] for x in y]
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