Discord chat?

Does anyone know why I can’t connect to the Discord chat? When I click accept invite, I just get a box that says “Unable to accept invite”

It’s either you have too many servers (caps at 100) or the link is wrong

I’ve never been on Discord in my life :eyes:

What is the proper link then?

Let me see why it’s not working. I haven’t joined it yet

It works for me. Did you try again?

Hey there, try this link!

The invite link you used might have expired.


I get the same error :disappointed:

Hmm. Private message a forums moderator, because I’m pretty sure most of them moderate the discord too. If they can’t do anything about it, then contact Discord

Are you using a VPN that might be blocking the app?
Do you have any browser extensions/add-ons that would be blocking the button’s functionality?
Do you have the Discord app install on your computer?

Yo don’t need the app. I use CC discord through the web

I’m trying to troubleshoot all possibilities

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Those were good suggestions. I’m not sure how to check if I have any problematic browser extensions, so I tried it in an incognito tab and it almost worked. It started navigating me to sign in to Discord and when it wanted to verify my account, it said that info was already registered. So I contacted Discord because their FAQs show that that is a known issue.

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OK I got it working. It was a log in issue on my end. Thanks everybody!