Disconnecting From Codecademy

I realize there are many topics on this from years past, I wanted to create a new topic in regards to the year 2020 - 2021. I’ve been using Codecademy for almost a month now for C++ and I’m doing the text-adventure part of the syllabus. I work on this from home and have had zero issues until this morning when I try to save the code I just typed up - Every time I hit save, it immediately disconnects from codecademy, reconnects shortly after, then repeats. It’s no longer saving my code and continues to disconnect on me. How would I resolve this issue?

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Hey @8bitfae, welcome to the community. I’m sorry your first post needs to be about something like this! This sounds like a complete blocker. @mattliv have we had any other reports of this issue?

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I was just messing with the project a bit to check out the complaint. It seems when you create a loop (especially a while loop) that the code won’t save, and frequently the connection is lost in the process. Possibly some sort of feature intended to prevent infinite loops from being saved? I bypassed the save button by editing the code using nano in the console, saved it, compiled and executed without issue, so there seems to be a problem with whatever code is executed by clicking Save.

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It was just std::cin >> choice2;

The disconnect occurred even when I would hit enter to start a new line.

Thanks for the welcome! ^_^; Yeah, not exactly what I wanted my first post to be but, it is what it is. I wasn’t too sure if it was a connection issue on my end or if it had to do with the site?

@alyssavigil I haven’t seen this personally but it seems from these posts there might be an issue. I’ll surface to curriculum

@mattliv, I’d say roughly an hour or so after my previous post, that everything was working fine. If CC didn’t change anything, then I don’t know what the problem was.

@8bitfae @alyssavigil @midlindner So I brought this to the curriculum team and it appears the issue is occuring because of a loop that our team is going to try to resolve. For now, it might work if you try the solution without the “While” loop. If you run the full code on your own system it should work as well.

(sorry if any of this was confusing)