Disconnected/ Reconnecting to Codecademy

Hello guys, whilst I am in a lesson I am persistently disconnected and reconnected to Codecademy. It means I lose my place in the learning environment several times a lesson and this is incredibly distracting/ time consuming.

I have done all the recommended solutions offered in Codecademy’s help centre and pointlessly attempted to use their “chat” feature, whereby a robot redirects me to the help centre.

I have turned off ad-blocker and cleared my history (which is especially annoying as I’ve no doubt lost passwords to a multitude of sites).
I am not using any kind of proxy service and I have the latest version of Chrome.

Does anybody have a solution or know how I can actually contact the people I have given my money to?


Rob :slight_smile:

Hi there.

This unfortunately does seem to happen for some learners every now and again. :frowning:

If you’re reasonably familiar with the dev tools in your browser, it might be helpful to take a look and see if anything is being blocked or failing to load as that might explain the problem. I’ll see if I can find the list of domains that the Codecademy site uses, too.

If it carries on, you can raise a ticket with Codecademy’s Customer Support by clicking here. The turnaround for logged tickets is 48-72 hours usually. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the prompt response.

It really isn’t “every now and again”. It’s every minute or so, therefore it can be several times a lesson. When you add together the time it takes to repeatedly reconnect and the time taken to find my place in the learning environment plus the time taken to try resolve the problem, it really is making my coursework take much longer and could easily and ridiculously result in a delay of months to complete what I want to do.

Is it not a little bizarre that a company offering education in coding has so poorly coded their service?

Again, thanks for your time. I will raise this with Customer Support.


Are you saying that when you get disconnected it also boots you out back to the syllabus page or something?
I have encountered the disconnect/reconnect issue but my code is never lost and I remain on the same page in the LE (learning environ) and I instantly reconnect when I click in the middle window/script.py window

Hey, thanks for getting back to me. It’s very much appreciated.

I might not necessarily lose my code, but whilst I am typing iot will disconnect and reconnect, starting me at the top of the learning environment and offering a pop-up to tell me that I have done the task incorrectly.
This is happening around once a minute and therefore several times a lesson. It’s causing a massive drag on my time and attention span.

as well as persistently losing connection, there is also the issue of “running” my code in the learning environment. Multiple times a lesson, when I click “run” or press “cmd” + “R”, I just get a spinning wheel where the “run” button is and it spins until I refresh the browser and try again.

This is definitely making my lessons take somewhere near twice as long, which is insane if you think about how bad that is for my education. Taking a year to do 6 months work is just outrageous, never mind the frustration of dealing with the issue.



That is frustrating.

Do you encounter connectivity issues with any other sites on different browsers?
I mean, have you used something like the app Speedtest to test your upload and download speeds? Do you have a Mac and an Airport Extreme wifi? Have you adjusted any of the Airport Utilities settings or run diagnostics recently? (I’m just trying to cover all the bases here as I was having slow internet speeds recently and it was bc the channel that my Airport was connecting to was super busy and slow/would disconnect me).

To run your code in the learning environment you press cmd + return (not r. r will refresh the page in the web browser).

Also, I think that 6 months to complete a path is a ballpark figure. A learner’s progress varies depending on multiple variables–time allotted to studying/practice, how quickly one absorbs and understands the materials presented, etc.

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Hey again,

Okay so 6 months is a ballpark figure, but that is irrelevant. However long it would take me to do it, it will now take twice as long, be it one month, 6 months or 5 years. It is making for the worst user experience. It’s just stressful, off putting and killing the pleasure of coding.

I don’t think my 2010 macbook can get a more recent OS than High Sierra. 2 years old = no good seems a bit rough. I have absolutely zero issues using other websites across the board.

I don’t know what Airport Utilities I would have touched as I don’t know what they are, but I have just seen that my upload speed has plummeted to 0.08mbps. Download is fine at 31mbps. Could this be the problem?

Cheers again,


Scratch that.

Upload speed now at 5mbps.

Okay, now scratch that.

0.007mbps now.

Hm. That seems a bit low (I am by no means an expert). My download speed is 115Mbps and upload is 36.9 Mbps (now, that will fluctuate throughout the day and that’s normal).
I have a 2014 Mac and am running Catalina.
Your upload & download speeds will fluctuate over the course of the day.

You can check out this page to read up on how to run diagnostics on your network here. I recently did this and changed the Wireless options to “automatic” for 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels (in the Airport Utility). It’s an option for you to try…

Can you run Mojave?

Right… quite a bit of minified JavaScript later…


The “Connected to Codecademy” beacon at the top seems to just notify you of changes to the state of the WebSocket that connects you to the CC back-end. There’s a script which seems to monitor for changes in the state of that socket, like dropped connections, and it updates that beacon accordingly.

If that script thinks you’ve lost connectivity, regardless of whether you can still connect to the Internet or not, I think you’ll get the “Lost connection…” message and whatnot.

I’m going out on a limb and guessing you’re in the UK and on a fibre connection, in which case your upload speed fluctuating like it is suggests there’s an issue. Can you try the usual cliché suspects, of rebooting your router and any other networking hardware between it and your device? Also have a look and see if your provider has any faults/issues in your area.

Other than that, whist I know it can be an inconvenience I’d suggest completely clearing your browser cache if you haven’t already. If you don’t want to completely clear it, I’m fairly sure Chromium-based browsers allow you to selectively clear the cache via the Dev Tools (F12); Safari may differ, I’m not a Mac user. If you go down the selective route, please make sure that you clear the cache for every domain listed on this page of the Help Center. (It’s probably quicker to clear the lot, tbh!)

Finally, I’d also suggest having a look to see if you have a service worker registered for New Relic. They provide monitoring tools which the learning environment uses, to check for connectivity issues (like you’re having), but the service worker could be at fault. Removing it won’t break anything, it’ll get re-registered the next time it’s needed, but removing it might help resolve the issue.

Hopefully some aspect of the above will fix the problem. :slight_smile:

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Hey again,

Thanks for continuing to help.

As of an hour ago, Codecademy is completely useless. If I try to run my code in the learning environment it fails every time. If I refresh the tab it crashes and I have to kill the page. I can no longer continue my course.

All other websites are fully functional and load perfectly fine, playing HD video nearly instantly and even allowing me to upload videos to the internet.

I have restarted my MacBook. I have also rebooted my router. I have also cleared 4 weeks of cache, history and cookies.

The problem persists. The learning environment will not run AT ALL.

I have raised the topic with Customer Support.

Kind regards,


Did you try any of the suggestions that @thepitycoder mentioned above?
If those don’t work, you can submit a support ticket via the Help page. The turn-around time on support tickets is usually 24-48 hours.

I have followed all advice, bar the stuff about New Relic which I am looking into now.
I am not a computer wiz. I am just a customer who bought a product that convinced me it was a premium service. I am trying my best to follow all of this jargon, but if I’d have know you needed a degree in IT to use the product I would have avoided it entirely. My main concern is that I will somehow lose months of hard work and time. I am coding 8 hours a day and would be mortified if the qualifications I’m working towards are unattainable. Can it possibly be that the worst coded site I’ve ever used is the one that is teaching me to code?

I have also followed all of the suggestions from the Codecademy Help Center, to no effect.

I’ll keep bashing my head against the wall and hope something helps in some way shape or form.

Again, thank you for taking the time out of your day to help me. It really is appreciated.

Hi again.

Can you remind me what version of Mac OS you’re using, as well as the type and version of the browser that you’re using to work in the learning environment? Thanks.

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OS High Sierra version 10.13.6

Chrome Version 88.0.4324.192 (Official Build) (x86_64)

For some unknown reason the editor ran and I have progressed to the next part of my lesson. I say “unknown” because all I have done since I last attempted to run my code was eat a sandwich.
I also seem to be getting disconnected and reconnected less frequently.

It has been functional for around 5-10 minutes and hopefully it will continue. Fingers crossed.

Again, thank you.

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:+1: Hopefully it’ll continue to work, but if not let us know and we’ll try and help out. :slight_smile:


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