Disappearing and/or reset to 0% of already x% completed courses



I recently experienced an issue, and would like to know if temporarily and minor or major and permanently.

Several courses I have had completed entirely, or for x% < 100%, just disappeared, as if never started, or were reset to 0%.

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It is the same for me. I don’t find the french version…I was worked on html/css and php, but that has disappeared …

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Hi there,

I’ve got the same issue here…


Hi, i have same problem …


What the heck is wrong here?
Suddenly my 35% HTML course vanishes.
If Codeacademy cannot grantee the security of its website, I must thing about something else.


I’ve got the same problem. No progress at all inspite i was in 47% percent! I think they changed the interface, Hopefully they fix it soon.


I also have the same issue. A few of my courses that were completed or close to completion have been reset to 0%


Hi, same here :

  • HTML, CSS and Javascript are reseted in catalog and without any achievement.
  • Python shows 100% in catalog but no achievement
  • Others are correct


as announced in the blog:


certain courses have been removed. Courses that got the upgrade to the new interface progress has been lost, codecademy tried to communicate in as many ways as possible, including a warning message in the specific courses page of the courses that would be affected

The new Javascript course contains ES6, and is very interesting to do to learn all this new features


Well, thanks for the reply, but the courses that had warnings to be updated were not the ones that bothered me, because I expected them to disappear soon, therefore they were also not the ones I created this thread for. I have had several updated (at least they had the new course UI, the new shortcuts and the “get code” feature etc.), and no warnings whatsoever) courses that just magically reset to 0% and some just disappeared.


But then you don’t specify which course this involves, you just say several

Which course does it involve?

If the courses reset, the progress is very likely lost for good


Well, that is because I thought this may be a general problem. Because since I searched for threads about that topic through the forum, before I created my own, I found out that sporadically some others had posted about several completely different courses disappearing as well.

The courses that disappeared for me were for example:
Learn HTML (which had the new UI when I started it, just like the following)
Learn CSS
Introduction to Javascript

Its not a huge deal for me to repeat the courses. But as for the fact that I thought this would be a general problem, I thought it might have been for others with other courses with higher estimated amount of time to be completed or something, therefore the thread.


Did you read the blog i linked to:


Release of Learn HTML with additional projects and new content
Release of Learn CSS with additional projects and new content
Release of Introduction to JavaScript with updated ES6+ syntax and brand new content

it explains why this courses (which where already in the new environment) where updated (which affects progress) to favor new content (html5, css3 and es6 and additional projects)

So its not just repeating the course, you should learn new things :slight_smile:


Yeah, I missed the warnings then ^^

Not yet, but going to read it now.
Thank you.

Case closed I guess :slight_smile:


that is possible

Good luck! :slight_smile: