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I am unable to pass the 6th step on the Python exercise, can someone help. Here is the screenshot of what I’m done so far:

Well, seeing as how this is #learn-the-command-line and not #python

What’re the instructions for the exercise?

Here is what I’m stuck on:

If you examine the output about a quarter way down your screenshot we see that you are currently in the same directory as drama, so you should not enter,

cd ../drama/biopic/

because that takes you up a level above.

cd drama/biopic/

When in doubt, just ls to determine what directory you are in.

ok. What directory should I be in? When I put in ls, this is what comes out: node_modules package.json workspace

the top level we are concerned with is,

cd ../
bash: ../ Is a directory

This tells us we are at the top.

$ ls
action comedy drama genres.txt

Given this level, we can now navigate to,

$ cd drama/biopic/
$ ls
cleopatra.txt frida.txt lincoln.txt notorious.txt ray.txt

ok, not to be dense, I just started this 3 weeks ago. Should I physically type in:$ ls
action comedy drama genres.txt

No, don’t type the $, that is the input prompt. I only included it so it would resemble the console. Just type ls, and the output should look like the next line shown which is also only included so you could see the output.

cool, that worked…

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I have another issue: I’m stuck on one of the command line exercises: I went through all the steps and cannot proceed to the next section. Attached is a screenshot.

Be sure to check off all sixteen steps to get the Up Next button to activate.

MTF, I’m stuck again. Before I go on thanks for your help. On Wildcards, I follow the instructions and once again, cannot move to the next step: This is the step 'm stuck on:

“Navigate to the superhero/ directory. List all files and directories in the working directory. You should see superman.txt in it.”

If you are in the action directory,

cd superhero/

Remember to start each line with a command.

Thanks, now I’m stuck again: I’m at the nano text editor, and the editor pops up, but I cannot move to the next step:

Try `Ctrl+X’ to exit the editor, then do a hard refresh to restart the session and try again.

yes, I do that I’m still stuck

again, thanks for your help

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Ok, stuck on the 2nd step, on a new exercise. Again, I does what it tells me to do, and I can not move forward to the next stepCapture-10

Bash profile

Did you write the pd instruction in nano, save the updates and accept the file to save?

That’s where I am stuck, I write the ~/.bash_profile in nano and it doesn’t allow the next “pwd” step to open up.