Directives - Lesson Broken - Allows Complete Break


In all the standard JS courses on here... you are almost never allowed to proceed if something is wrong.

In this course. I was able to complete Directives all the way through 8, and got the badge...
Except, nothing is displaying in the browser window whatsoever except the text "app market"...
Now, I have to reset and restart the whole exercise and reset the code, because I can't even just navigate back x steps, as all the code is now preserved and the steps are already marked complete.

Since I was used to the JS courses and testing completeness, I did not even think twice to double check that things were ok if the test passed, and the lesson proceeded.

Is there an alternative way I should be reporting this? I know this is just part of the learning process, but this seems more than just minor hiccups in this chunk of lessons... Especially when compared to the caliber of the previous lessons I've seen on here.


The fix for this was to make sure the new tag for the directive is included at the end of the HTML document, not the start.