Dinosaur Retraining?


Back in the Stone Age I was a pretty decent COBOL / CICS programmer. Later I moved on to Oracle / SQL Forms application development. I started a consulting company that did well, ran it for 30 + years and sold it recently. Over the years I stopped programming. And became a salesmen, project manager, recruiter, bookkeeper and any other hat required. Always missed programming.

I'm thinking of getting back into the game. I'm 57 years old. Don't know if my brain can handle it but will start with some online tutorials here.

Here's the question(s):

  1. Is a coding boot camp a good choice for my background (after I get my feet wet here)?
  2. Is this dinosaur gonna get hired after a boot Camp / retraining?

Would love to hear from other "old timers" that have been through this .



That's not the right attitude! :frowning:
If you believe, you can achieve.


Anything is possible. The thing to do is look to yourself first. What are your greatest interests? What skills have you retained? How do you wish to spend your remaining work life? (Don't tell us, write them down and use it as a personal guide.)

It would seem you could start with your SQL skillset and work outward from there. Backend tools may be your strong suit given you have that one already in your kit. Not much will have changed in that regard.

Rails, React, PHP all reach into the backend for database support. Is it more frontend that interests you? The above still depend on frontend skills so some immersion into HTML, CSS and JavaScript is recommended so you get the lay of the land in terms of browsers (clients). From there you can quickly move into app development.

I'm kind of talking out of my hat because I don't, nor ever did make a living at this craft so cannot give you expert advice. Hopefully someone who is actively involved in development will reach out and guide you along more proficiently.