Dining Review API - CRUD functionality

Hello everyone,

I would be grateful if someone can help me with part my CRUD functionality.

Project Link: GitHub - chininchu/Dining-Review-API

Here is my code:

public ResponseEntity<List> searchRestaurantsByZipCodeAndAllergyScores(@RequestParam String zipCode, @RequestParam String allergy) {

    List<Restaurant> restaurants = restaurantService.getRestaurantsByZipCodeAndAllergyScores(zipCode, allergy);

    if (!restaurants.isEmpty()) {

        return ResponseEntity.ok(restaurants);

    } else {

        return ResponseEntity.noContent().build();


When I run the application, and make a request to this domain the http://localhost:8080/api/restaurants/search

I see that it attempts to communicate with the mySQL database but I am not getting a JSON response. Please correct me if I am wrong about this ?. Thanks.