Digital Marketing - Where to Next


Hey guys, so I am a full-time digital marketer (did not follow the most conventional path to get here, but here I am either way). I have been looking to get into programming for some time, but ideally I would like for it to be applicable to my everyday needs that have to do with digital marketing and making decisions based on customers’ interactions/data (both business positioning and seeing how well our website features work/don’t work for customers). Is the “data science” route the way to go here?

A friend of mine also described to me the other day what he does with AWS Architecture - which is quite a different animal, but seems like being a good coder can really help with getting into this, and I think this may be of interest to me in the future - would I be able to find my way to this, through data science route or not/is this a completely different thing and has nothing to do with learning code at codeacademy at this stage?

Would appreciate any advice, thanks!


hey, ‘therussianmarket’,

First of all, I wanted to point out that I’m also a full-time digital marketer.

I think the course would be definitely a good addition to your skill set. (To be honest, I didn’t know it was on Codecademy until you mentioned it :p)
Having insights into business data flow is always a good thing.

As in the last question: being a coder helps to solve certain issues and can help you with workarounds like mining data, rapid prototyping.

Good luck with the decision making :wink:


Thanks Philip, it definitely can’t hurt, was just wondering if anyone has had experience with this before! Thanks for the input!