i am so lost don't know what to do plz help


I solved this but there might be a better way to do it.

Basically you want a way to separate each digit in the input (n). Then, once they're separated you can add them all!

So if you remember, we can parse through each letter of a string.

For example, if x = "moose", x[0] would be the letter m. x[1] would be the letter o. etc.

So if we convert the number passed to (n) into a string, we'll be able to go through each number.

In the function you'll first want to set a variable called total and set it equal to 0.

Then, convert n into a string.

Then we can go through each letter in the string with a for-loop like this:

for item in n:
total += item

but remember, we converted (n) into a string. So, in that for loop we'll want to convert each item back into an integer before doing total+= item

Then, outside the for-loop but inside the function, remember to return total


I solved this but my code prints out "None" after it executes and I'm at a loss why. Code below

def digit_sum(n):
#convert number to string for iteration
talley =[]
n = str(n)
total = 0
#iterate through the list splitting up the 'word'
for x in str(n):
if len(talley) ==len(n):
for y in talley:
print total

print digit_sum(434)


The code you just posted prints total, but it doesn't return total. Also just a heads up, in your first for-loop you can just do: for x in n. You already set n = str(n) above it.

Hope this helps!


thx it worked lol thx so much


Thank you very much! Lesson learning 'print total' is not 'return total'.

Again, thank you. Man! Some journey! Very, very humbling.