Digit_sum What did I miss?


HI All,

I've revised my code so many times, can't get it right. Am I in the right direction at all?

def digit_sum(n):
n = str(n)
for item in n:
total = 0
item = int(item)
total = total + item
print total

Oops, try again. Your function fails on digit_sum(434). It returns None when it should return 11.


W8 m8. What does your code do in effect? You have forgot what your code has to do.
As first, syntax errors and stuff.

  1. Declare total before for- loop -
  2. Don't give n a value -
  3. You must do this with a while loop instead of for loop -

If you did these, add a while loop. While n is higher than 0, it should add n % by 10 to total.
After it, divide ( /= ) n by 10 and return total.


def digit_sum(n):
x = str(n)
total = 0
for i in x:
i = int(i)
total += i
return total

this works for me


Thanks! I think I pretty much did the same as you, of course with different variable names. and that you used total += i
I don't see any other difference.
I also changed the total = 0 to get ahead of the loop.
So maybe these 2 things did the trick! Thanks!


def digit_sum(n):
sum = 0
sum += n % 10
for each in str(n):
n = n // 10
sum += n % 10
return sum

I tried to do the challenging way and this worked for me.


Look, I've done another way and it works, groovy !

def digit_sum (n):
n = abs(n)
n = str(n)
result = 0
liste = []
for i in n:
for x in liste:
result += int(x)
return result


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