Different ways of calling methods?


Hello I'm having difficulty invoking a bit of code

string = "this is a string"

def capy(string)
first= string(0)
rest = string(1..-1)
first.upcase + rest


Am i not invoking this correctly or is the capy method wrong? I've tried some other things too that wont work..

Would you mind elaborating a few different ways to invoke the code???


error code "undefined method `string' for main:Object (NoMethodError)"


To invoke a function that has a parameter, we woutd write:



It would help if we had some context to go with this question. Can you post a link, please? Thanks.


If you want to invoke it as string.capy, you have to monkeypatch the String class, i.e. define capy within class String. However, String already has a method which does exactly this (it is called capitalize), so there is no reason why you want your own capy method.


There is no harm is trying to do things without using built-in methods. It's the best way to learn and practice the basics of logic and mechanics. When we know how to do something that a built-in method does, it gives us a greater appreciation of the method in real world work flow.


Thanks for the replys both are helpful.

Im trying to get the gist of makking helper methods.... but having difficulty .

Do you know where theres good documentation for proper nesting practices and where & when to employ helper methods?

thanks again


That will require defining a class. For simplicity, and only as a pseudo-code example,

class Strings
    def initialize(value)
        @string_value = value

    def capy
        this = @string_value
        # do capitalization on 'this'

my_string = Strings.new("Hello World!")


For more detailed reading on writing classes, I found this page...

Writing our own classes

I found this somewhat related but advanced article...

Ruby: Extending Classes and Method Chaining


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