Different Python versions

I noted a problem with some courses (right now I´m taking the Learn Flask course) in which the course instructions, and some code checks are written having python 2 in mind, while the interpreter uses python 3.
This causes some problems when checking the answers.
So far I haven´t met an instance of this error that stops my progress without a workaround, but I´d like to point it out so this could be fixed.
Thank you!

yea, a some of the lessons on the Statistics and Data Analysis (numpy, pandas, matplotlib, etc.) were in Python 2, not Python 3 when I was doing those [Spring 2021].

I had to look up some Python 2 stuff as a result (like its version of print) and modify my code a little.

Yep, this is a known issue in some of the lessons for DA. (especially the print() function & ways to format).
There’s not really that much difference between Python2 & 3. Much of it is syntactical.
Plus, Python 2 has been sunsetted.

If you ever run into any issues you can always consult the documentation.