Different kinds of errors

I’m working on the museum project, but this question isn’t specific to that project.

Sometimes throughout the tutorial, if I input code incorrectly, I will get an error message. Often these aren’t super helpful but sometimes they provide a clue as to where to look.

At other times, if I hit “Save” on the code editor, the piece of code I’m working on just doesn’t show up, or it keeps an earlier version of it (like if I comment sections out to pinpoint where the problem is, deleting the # doesn’t change the way the code shows up in the notebook). I’ve discovered through trial and error that this is also an indication of an error, but there’s no error message.

Is there a message I can access somewhere? Is this response a hint as to what the error might be?

I’d basically appreciate any insights into why this is happening.

Shae Lynn

Hi Shae. I am also working on the museum project and facing the exact same issues.

This sounds like a bug. Did you happen to report it?

Are you on a Mac or Windows?
What operating system? (is it up to date?)
What web browser are you using?

Make sure you provide enough details so someone can try to recreate the issue too.

You can report issues here:

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Thanks, I don’t always know what details are relevant, but that seems pretty obvious.

I’m on a windows machine, it’s up to date, and I’m using chrome.

I didn’t report it as a bug because I assumed it was user error! I will report it :slight_smile:

I finally got around to reporting it as a bug, and also realized that I get the red errors in lessons, and the nothing-at-all for projects.