Differences between <section> and <article> tag


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if you could mention the differences between <section> and <article> tag & in which cases do we use each one.

If could mention an example would be better,

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A section is more generic so may make up the sections of an article. We wouldn’t think of this in reverse as semantically an article infers a complete model, where a section infers only a part of the whole.

When HTML5 was introduced it shifted the paradigm of heading usage. Previous to this, search engines expected to see only one H1 element which corresponded to the document TITLE. <article> changed that since it too recommended an H1 element for each article in the document.

  <title>Document Title</title>
  <h1>Document Heading</h1>
    <h1>Article Heading</h1>
      <h2>Section One</h2>
      <p>Some text on the topic in the H2</p>
      <h2>Section Two</h2>
      <p>Some text on the topic in the H2</p>


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Regarding “section” it is used to group similar content. For instance, we may have a sport section in a news chanel, inside sport section we may have divided into smaller sections for:1)Basketball, Football,3)Voleyball etc

While “article” is considered an indepedantable part of the site that represent a specific topic about,

For instance in a news channel, an article will be considered an analysis of previous day basketball game between 2 teams. Its a specific analysis of how one team defeat the 2nd team - and thats all

While in a “section” is more broader concept,

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Read up on what the HTML5 doctors have to say about these two sectioning elements and the differences and similarily of their roles.