Difference betwwen URI & URL?

If you could mention what is difference betwwen URI & URL?

Why in style.css file we use URI instead of URL? In the Theme URI instead of URL

URI is the location of resource into our computer(the path in order author of site to reach resource into his/her computer) while URL is the location of a resource into web? (in order someone user to view the resource)

/* Theme Name: Twenty Fourteen Child Theme -->Το ονομα του θέματος Theme URI: http://wptreehouse.com/customize-admin Description: 2014 Child Theme for How to Customize the WordPress Admin Area Author: Zac Gordon --> Author URI: http://zacgordon.com Template: twentyfourteen --> Version: 1.0 --> Εκδοση του θεματος */

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URI stands for Universal Resource Identifier and URL stands for Universal Resource Locator. Often times people use the terms interchangably, which is not entirely correct. A URL is a subset of the URI popular protocols. These are example protocols (http://, ftp://, mailto:). Therefore all URLs are URIs .

What does URL and URI stand for? by Stack Overflow.

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Difference Between URI and URL