Difference between Project types

Is there a difference in difficulty or functionality between Challenge Projects, Capstone projects, vs Cumulative projects? There are also some regular projects sprinkled in throughout the course as well, so I was wondering if there is any particular order I should do them in to get the maximum possible benefit. Thanks!

The projects which are part of the course are probably the easiest ones to do. They focus specifically on the content of the module they’re part of; so, a project in a module which deals with functions will focus on functions.

The Capstone and Challenge Projects I would say are probably both about the same difficulty, and are more difficult than the “in-module” projects.

The Capstone Projects appear at the end of a path / course, and are designed to test your ability to use everything you’ve learned on the path / course. The Challenge Projects are equally wide ranging, but some of them may be slightly easier than others as they don’t all draw on the “full range” of knowledge.

In summary, the projects along the way test that you understood what you just learned. Capstone and Challenge projects are just that… a challenge.

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