Difference between just using the style attribute or span tag


Can anyone help explain what differences between just using the style attribute or using the span tag?


Style is for styling other tags, whereas span is a tag of its own, specifically for styling:

<h1 style="color: red">Red</h1>
<span style="color: red">Red also</span>

You can nest spans in other tags, and use them to style specific words etc. in sentences:

<p style="color: red">red red red <span style="color: blue">BLUE</span> red red red</p>

On their own, without style attributes inside, span tags don't do anything, but with the style attribute they can do a lot.


How is that different? Span allows you to select a bit in a paragraph (and other elements):

<p>i am <span>red</span><p>

then you could add the style attribute to the span tag


Makes so much sense now
Thanks guys!:grinning: