Difference between head and title?


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Can anyone explain the conceptual difference between the 2 above? It seems that by using I’m repeating the same concept as . If this is not the case, can anyone explain why not? Thanks for your help

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you understand head?

title is the title in the browser tab, but this doesn’t work on codecademy (try it on your computer, you will see it works)

That means information that is not displayed on the body of the webpage, yes! But why have it when you already got , why is not a doubling up of the same concept?

I don’t understand the second line of your comment…sorry

oops! meant to say "already got ", don’t know why it didn’t display that!!!

the title doesn’t display because you got a webpage inside a webpage. Try it on your computer, make a html file with notepad, and you will see it work

For example <title> tag on this exact webpage is <title>Difference between head and title? - Learn HTML & CSS: Part I / Structure - Codecademy Discuss</title> - title is what appears in your browser tab - its title of the page.

Thanks tomegz, you are right I can see the <title> just as you describe it. My conceptual question is this: why do I need to write <head> when coding when I could just write <title>? Why do I need to write <head> as well? What does writing <head> give me extra that <title> doesn’t?
Thank you all, by the way, for your help!!!

head is a grouping for all information not displayed on webpage (meta, link to stylesheet, title and more), where title is the title showing in the browsers tab

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