Difference between FETCH and MERGE


I’m confused by what is happening with FETCH and MERGE in these exercises.

GIT FETCH apparently compares Sally’s files with my own. Then, quote,
"brings those changes onto what’s called a remote branch "
What is meant by “remote branch”? Is there actually a branch called “remote”? Where is this? Or is it that Sally’s directory (“science-quizzes”) is a local branch just like my directory (“my-quizzes”) and all FETCH has done is drag her files to central repo (?) or branch?

I feel like I’m mixing up terminology here, confusing branches, repos, cloned copies and directories.

In exercise 5/8 it then goes on to say:
“Even though Sally’s new commits have been fetched to your local copy of the Git project, those commits are on the origin/master branch. Your local master branch has not been updated yet, so you can’t view or make changes to any of the work she has added.”

Can anyone explain this a little better? I am getting confused between the directories we created (“science-quizzes” and “my-quizzes”) the repos (“origin”, “remote” and “local”) and my branches (“master”, “remote”)

What exactly did the FETCH command do which wasn’t done by the MERGE command, and vice versa?


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