Difference between feature and component when using redux (reddit client)

Hello all,

I am working on the Reddit client portfolio project for front-end developers. I’m using the previous Flashcards project as a guide in setting up the projects structure, though the apps will be quite different when finished. I came across an issue that I don’t think is covered by the course material: when do you place a component in the components folder or the features folder?

I found this discussion but its been closed and isn’t very helpful so I decided to start a new one.

I noticed in the Flashcards project that components in the components folder were stateful, meaning they had their own state independent of the redux store. They also interacted with the redux store, but they implemented useState to keep track of their own state temporarily until it was time to submit the data to the store. Conversely, the components in the features folder used the redux store exclusively to keep track of their state. Could this be the difference?

I would love to get some other opinions on the matter.