Difference between courses and paths: do paths contain courses?

Do paths – skill paths or career paths – contain courses? (If so, is there a way to see the list of courses that a path contains?) Or do paths have different lessons and projects than courses do?

For example, I want to learn Python, and the Python 3 Pro course looks great for this. But after I learn Python, then I want to learn either algorithms, data science and visualization, or machine learning.

Would it be better for me to choose a path from the outset, or should I just go course by course (“a la carte” as I go)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each approach?

In general yes, the career paths tend to be made up of lots of the smaller courses combined, often with a little bit of extra content thrown in. Personally if there’s a career path that interests you I would suggest taking it directly instead of taking the sub-courses as taking the path will be more structured. From the interests you suggested, the Data Scientist path sounds like a good fit. :slight_smile:


Hey @classic35mm

Most paths do contain courses plus a lot of other content only in that course. For example, all 3 web development career paths contain Most if not all of Learn Javascript. And if you did the course in question by its itself all that progress will carry over to the path.

An advantage of going course by course is that you can dip your toes into the concept and see if you would like it. An advantage for going into a path is that you wont miss anything in the path that isn’t in the course.