Diff between c c# c++

I want to learn c but I noticed that there are 3 versions of c: a normal c, c# and c++
What is the difference between them? Are they similar? Ive noticed that the catalog has c# and C++ but no c. Is c outdated now? i know python btw and i think python was made from c…

This article may be helpful.

We’re a ways off concentrating on learning C. It is not object oriented to the same degree as C++ and C#. The latter two remove the really low level stuff that would just bog down any learning. But, given proficiency in either of the generational flavors, the former would be a feather in the cap. It’s a level of expertise only a scholar would seek.

C# is the .NET world, which is MS convened. C++ is what the GNU community tends to use as it is open sourced and the backbone of Mozilla, GIMP, et al in the real world.

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I, for the longest time used HTML-Kit to manage FTP sites. Would have to dig through emails to find the name of the creator, pardon the memory lapse. This was a truly magnificent product, especially once you got into the plugins. A one man show that almost pulled it off. Still on the market for any takers.

The point is he wrote this whole thing in C. Not objective C (C++) but C. Not many people can do that today.

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C++ != Objective-C

They’re two distinct languages. :slight_smile:

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I knew that would come out. Speaks to my own ignorance.

It was only when C could be expressed in script form (PHP, ECMA) that I could glom on to it. All along I knew that this was elementary C.

PHP at least gives 500 response codes; ECMA doesn’t give a fig if the code works or not. If it doesn’t, it just doesn’t. The page renders, anyway.

Bottom line, C-smart, I am not. C-aware, perhaps.

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Wouldn’t have used the word “ignorance” myself; unfamiliarity would be better, doesn’t imply a steadfast refusal to plug gaps in one’s knowledge.

I only have a cursory understanding of C/C++, thanks to what remains of using it at university many moons ago still rattling around upstairs. Couldn’t do anything useful with it, mind.