Did you remember to set your link's text-decoration to none;?


html part

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheet.css"/>
		<title>About Me</title>
		<img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-blog/assets/46838757.png"/>
		<p>We're Codecademy! We're here to help you learn to code.</p><br/><br/>
		<div >
	       <a href="https://facebook.com">Friend us on <span>Facebook!</span></a>


where is your css code?

try after refreshing the browser
or change the browser


Same problem here and is the same issue on all questions that prompt for text-decoration: none; I came across it a couple of times in Chrome as well as Firefox.



I’m having the same issue and can’t get it to work on any browser. Please fix!


I was having the same problem with the “text-decoration: none;” command in Lesson 26 of HTML & CSS program using latest Chrome browser. Even though the same code is used in Lesson 22 and everything worked fine, for some reason that code did not work in Lesson 26,

Switched to the latest version of Firefox, “Resumed” the lesson, hit the “Save and Submit” button - did not change the code - and all was good.


Broken on numerous sections of this course! No one from Codecademy seems to be bothered to monitor these forums. Funny how a coding tutorial website has broken code within it.


I’m having the same issue across multiple sections! Using chrome on both a Chromebook and Windows PC, getting the same error.


omg same problem wtf


yeah same problem here
I had another bug at other lessons and thats why I started with this.
Encounter bug again


Same problem this site is trash…They haven’t fixed this bug for a whole year…


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