Did you remember to change the first <li> to the font Arial?

Does anybody know what is wrong?
Please help me.

How did you go from css an overview to html basic 2?

Yea, font-style is not the style property you need, it should be font-family

2nd question answer: Thx, just remembered.
1st question answer: This was something that I was stumped on 2 weeks ago, but I just moved on; this happened on a lot of them, so I am taking the time now to just post all of old errors which I couldn’t understand.

Before posting them, please try again, read for a while, you have more knowledge now, and solving problems yourself is so much better (you learn more from it) then posting it on the forum

I usually do that, but these are the ones that I already tried; I’ll look through them again though, and if I still don’t figure them out, I will probably post them later today.