Did you make an object called object1?


var myObj = new Object();
myObj['object1'] = "Hot chocolate";
myObj['object2'] = "Pizza";
myObj['object3'] = "Nickel";


What task number is this?


Practice makes perfect


Ok i will get the problem soon!


@codeace40947 can you tell me what task is this? Like Intr. to Objects II ? Please tell us the task and task number next time you give us a question


Ok, it is Array and Objects in JS Practice makes Perfect


Oh, you didnt understand the instructions. Let me go over this with you..

First it tells you to create the three objects, so this:

object1 = new Object();
object2 = new Object();
object3 = new Object();

Then it tells you to give the objects properties, so for example this:

object1["name"] = "something"
object1.city = "MaryLand"
object2.name = "SOMONE"
object2.city = "ARIZONA"
object3.name = "Something"
object3.city = "ALABAMA"

finally console.log one of the properties:


Hope this helped!


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