Did you create the `myOrder` object within the `main` method? Where m I wrong?


class Coffee extends Beverage {

public Coffee() {


public void addSugar(int cubes) {

    System.out.println("You added " + cubes + " sugar cubes.");


public static void main(String[] args) {

Coffee myOrder = new Coffee();




me too......i got stuck here too....can anybody kindly help us?


I just finished this one lads. First do one step at a time, I find it less glitchy.

First do Coffee myOrder = new Coffee(); then press RUN
Then do myOrder.addSugar(2); then press RUN again

then extend the class, by doing public Coffee extends Beverage press RUN

then finally do myOrder.isFull(); and press RUN.

This is how it worked for me, I could NOT proceed when I asked to "Getcode" , but doing this made every step green one at a time and I made it through. Good luck


thx it worked i guess you just can't either do all of them in one go or press get code :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes this works.... Thanks alot buddy


Thankkk you so much! It really helped!


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