Did you add the class selector? 5. Class Selectors I: CSS

Scroll through style.css and add a class selector for the class partner. 5/12

ANYONE!!!HELP i cant go to next exercise.3 days STUCK…

Code, error and lesson URL please

The problem may relate to the submission code not updating before it is checked. After clicking Run, immediately refresh the page and click Run again. The lesson check may jump ahead of the completed steps. In this event, just complete the next step and repeat the above procedure. Eventually this will be sorted out, I’m sure, but for now it’s a little extra hoop that we need to jump through.

I’m having the same error.

Not sure what to do.

Please help.

Thank you,

maybe you are adding the selector with no rule

Hi, what i did was to put the code ( .partner ) without {} and it work for me.
I hope you find this useful


The mistake I made was scrolling all the way down and writing my own .partner { }, when in fact I had to add the .partner on line 72, maybe you missed it aswell?


After removing {text-align: center;} from .prop and .partner

Move back up to line

*70 / Add the class selector to this CSS rule */

**71 .partner, .prop {
**72      text-align: center;
**73  }
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I found that if you copy & paste the new code you made, then run it, you can just re-add it an it will work the second time.

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