Did this happen to anyone? "You are being rate limited"

I was just blocked from the Codecademy website after doing a code challenge.
The error message I get reads:

Error 1015

You are being rate limited

What happened?

The owner of this website (www.codecademy.com) has banned you temporarily from accessing this website.

Did this ever happen to anyone before and what can be the cause of this? Could it be that my computer has been compromised?

I’ve not ever seen that before. Is someone tweaking settings, @codecademy?



Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m sorry you’re running into this issue. I’ll look into it!

@mirja_t I may reach out again via DM to get more details from you so the team can attempt to replicate the error on our end, so keep an eye on your notifications!


Hey @mirja_t, thanks for reporting this! We’ve been trying to track down the orgin of this after we saw some weird reports in our systems. Did this happen after clicking the button to head to the forums with regards answers, or did it happen as soon as you saw pressed submit / saw that ‘you solved it’ page?


I was blocked for about an hour. Then a reload loaded the site normally again.

After the site showed up again I visited the code challenge again and clicked “submit codechallenge” after the test passed. That’s when it happened the first time – and that’s where it happened again now. Currently I’m blocked again.

Here is the replication of the error
I clicked “submit codechallenge” and this page was shown:

Then I clicked “copy code” and the page froze (I don’t know if it froze before or after the click on “copy code”. The button showed no hover styles though, so I think it froze before that).

After some time this alert appeared:

(Page doesn’t react
You can wait until the page reacts again or close it)

I closed the page and reloaded another tab with a Codecademy lesson that was open (in Chrome – Mac) and this screen showed up (again):

I can’t access the site from any browser on this computer.

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Super helpful thank you! The copy code button also likely being related was a clue we didn’t have before. We’ll be trying to fix this next sprint (that is, over the next fortnight) and hopefully can get it back up before too long. I really appreciate your help and patience. :slight_smile:

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It’s not the button “Copy code”. It happens after clicking “submit code challenge”. This screen is already frozen without anything being clicked – this time I didn’t click anything on this screen when the alert appeared:

A reload leads to this screen again:

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I also got the ‘Error 1015’ message today after submitting the ‘Prime Number Finder’ JavaScript Challenge and was banned for about an hour. I am reluctant to revisit the post-submission screen again as I do not want a further ban (!), but here is proof that I completed the challenge and passed Codecademy’s tests successfully:

I like the Challenges but I feel that they could be improved by fixing this issue and also by offering more detailed feedback when the tests do not pass. I believe that I have also completed the ‘Calculate the Mean and Mode’ JavaScript challenge because when I log a series of my own tests the results are correct but I get the following unhelpful message:

I know that the code is being exported correctly (the module.exports = statsFinder line is present) and there are no syntax errors, otherwise it would not work correctly when I click ‘Run’.

I also believe that I have completed the ‘Maximize Stock Trading Profit’ JavaScript as my own tests pass when I click ‘Run’, but I am again faced with a message that the tests failed to run:

@codecademy Having inspected the Page Source for the ‘Maximize Stock Trading Profit’ page, I wonder if the error message is because the function being exported (module.exports = maxProfitDays) is named differently to the file required in the tests – the tests have a line as follows: maxProfitDays = require('../maxProfit');?

I hope this can get fixed during the next sprint as I enjoy the challenges :slight_smile:

This happened to me as well and I am now using the hotspot from my phone in order to continue learning. This is extremely frustrating as a paying user of Codecademy’s services.

It happened after I submitted my solution to the “Sum of Prime Factors” Javascript challange.

I found out that it only happens when submitting a code challenge from Resoures > Challenges page. So I avoid doing that until that’s fixed. You can still do the challenges and run the test, just don’t submit them.
I’m using Chrome on a Mac. I tried the same thing in Safari as well – that also doesn’t work, but using Safari I didn’t get blocked. But the page froze as well.

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Hey all!

The team knows about this issue and they think they found a fix. Hopefully it will go away soon, thanks for your patience


Just tried and submitted my first code challenge on Codecademy tonight! \o/

Had the same issues I read about above. Error 1015 right after submitting and clicking the link to the Code Challenges section of the forums.

Just reporting, no follow-up needed if I can get logged in a little later.

Kind Regards! :nerd_face:

i’m currently having this same issue, ive tried logging everywhere. please help!

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