Did the UI change?


Did these forums get upgraded again? I've noticed some changes in the Graphical User Interface. (I have not been here in a while :grin:)(Feb 26,2016)

Our forums have reached 500,000 coders!

@printcoder_eric I'm not aware of any changes. What sort of changes have you noticed?



Well, there are no more tags such as python, bootstrap, and homework when creating a topic and on the https://codecademy.com/learn if you click your profile picture you get something like this:

But in the old one, the "view my profile" looks the same as "my account" and "help", instead of having your pts and profile picture.


@printcoder_eric Oh yeah, we got rid of tags a while ago since we didn't really need them.
And yes, the menu definitely changed :slightly_smiling: What do you think of the new one?

Also, notifications have been changed into a dropdown, rather than an entire page.


You mean this thing?:

'Cause if you do, it's been like this for me since I started going to the forums.


@printcoder_eric No, sorry - the notifications on the main site:

(I wish designers with their fancy Macs would remember that overflow: scroll; looks bad on the majority of computers :angry:)





What do you use? mac or pc?
How do you get the code? Or do you guess?

Also, what is "hipster technology? Just some slang?


Oh, Linux, always :slight_smile:

I've just used CSS, and happen to know which property/value causes a scrollbar to appear when there shouldn't be one.

I'm not sure there's really any real definition. If you watch tech news, you should understand after a little while :wink:

Hipster developers are (in my opinion, usually) devs who want the fanciest, coolest new tool. For example, that's why a lot of people like Macs; they have a shiny/fancy interface and make doing simple stuff easy. (I don't mean to bash on Apple, a lot of their stuff is high-quality*, but they're a well-known brand, so I'm just using them as an example)
So hipster technology would (I guess) usually be the tools a hipster developer uses.

*A lot of people who need the high-quality of Macs don't need the quality, a $100 Chromebook would be fine for them.
I can say more, but this is NOT a Mac vs. Windows vs. Linux debate.


Aww, but it would be so much fun to start that debate! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is offtopic but:

It's a bit old, and got closed because although it was funny the comments got a bit heated.

It's here if you want to continue to discussion as it's been re-opened but keep it civil :slightly_smiling:


Thanks. Time to do my work. Muahahahaha...