Did I spell favourite wrong?

Dear guys.

This is my code:
let myName = “John”;
let myCity = “NYC”;
console.log(My name is ${myName}. My favourite city is ${myCity}.);

Note: the backticks ` are not visible in the console.log, but they are really there in my screen. It must be that the editor of the forum doesn’t allow them.

I get printed in the terminal: “My name is John. My favourite city is NYC.”

Nevertheless, I get an error message telling: “Did you interpolate myName and myCity using back ticks and ${} ?”

What is wrong?
Thanks for the feedbacks :smiley:

Being as we are using American English, there is no u in favorite.


Omg! That’s it! That’s literally it!! So stupid! I’ve spent hours!! :rage::triumph::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::triumph::skull:


would be nice if it could recognise UK english as well as American English spellings for those of us in the UK :slight_smile:


It would be nice, but, this is a formal school setting and I think the text strings that we use in the lessons are parsed for accuracy. Just go with the flow for now and know that in the UK there are many words spelled slightly differently like gray,grey and such like. Computers do exactly what they are instructed/told to do via computer code of whatever type/kind. The lessons check on your ‘correctness/rightness’ is constrained by the level of detail of what it checks ok?


I have run into this problem from flat out mistyping the spelling of a word. See my other post for a reason to not get overly upset.

If we’re making requests, could you guys stop putting 'u’s everywhere? (j/k, we’re idiots over here in america and forget there are other countries)


Yeah it is infuriating, I’ve started running a live server to double check my code. if it works I just skip the lesson and move on.

I wouldn’t say you forgot about other countries simply were too excited to be free from the Queen, Canada took it’s time leaving and they learned to spell first. XD


I believe that the site has been updated to support British English, as I wrote favourite first time and received no error. Remember to stick to American spellings when using CSS though, as that only accepts American English.

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How many type of template literals are there in Java Script???

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What is the difference between in variable var and let???

Just the one,

`text ${expression} text ${expression} text`
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It seems the Codecademy has fixed that issue. On my end, ‘favorite/favourite’ don’t make a difference to the cod eeditor anymore! :smiley: