Did I make a typo?

I received the following error for this assignment:

Expected the test values GPA = 0.2, Personal Statement Score = 50, and Extracurricular count = 0 to generate the response This applicant should be rejected., instead it generated the response This appliant should be rejected…

All of my solutions were excepted until the final one, the ‘else’ statement. I submitted a bug report. i had to take the solution to move beyond that lesson and the only thing that changed was my ‘elif’ statement for the im-person interviews. I chose not to include ec_count because all applicants who had met all three requirements would have already been removed with my initial ‘if’ statement.
elif gpa >= 2.0 and ps_score >= 90: # This should have worked
The solution provided included ec_count < 3 which was redundant.

Well that’s what I get fro trying to do this at 2:30 A.M.
The error message clearly shows that I can’t type or read.
appliant != applicant
raise YouMadeAFoolOfYourselfOnlineError


Been there, my friend! :smile: